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Grad 2018

Graduation is one of my all time favorite things to shoot! There is SO much excitement, hype, details to be captured at this time of your life and it gives me so much joy being able to capture it all. This year, I was fortunate to be able to capture 13, yes THIRTEEN graduates from Ituna, Foam Lake, Lanigan, Wynyard, and Kelliher! If I had the time, I would have loved to blog each individual graduate, {we all know how busy I am} but I thought I would share a mass-post of all of the wonderful faces I had the opportunity to capture. So many details, gorgeous dresses, cheesey smiles, perfect golden hour lighting, and so much personal details incorporated.  I am beyond happy to have been able to capture your moments and create memories you’ll have forever of this chapter of your lives ♥

Grad 2017


With back to school right around the corner, I thought it would be a great time to share this year’s graduates that I had the opportunity to capture! These 6 graduates from Ituna, Kelliher and Foam Lake are off on the newest, biggest, adventures of their lives as they move away from home, say goodbye to their small towns and take on bigger and better things! It was so awesome getting to know each and every one of you and I am so excited for this new chapter in your lives! Thank you for choosing me to capture this important time and I wish you all the best!

Emilyn {grad 2016}

Meet Emilyn, another 2016 Ituna graduate! This girl is sweet, and so fun to work with, especially on a farm that left us endless opportunities to work with in our session. I had a ton of fun capturing this young lady in her gorgeous dress and I know she’ll succeed in her future as she goes off into the business world! Congrats Emilyn, thanks for choosing me to capture this special time!


Brittany {Grad 2016}

Meet Brittany, a 2016 graduate from Ituna School! Brittany is quiet, smart, sweet, and looked amazing in her grad dress. This girl is one good volleyball player and will definitely be missed next year. We had so much fun shooting her session and she rocked that gorgeous gown. Aside from the ticks and worms, Brittany and her family were the perfect bunch to photograph and I’m sure lucky they chose me to do it! Congratulations Brittany, you’re going to do great in the geology field!  

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Jayelle [Grad 2015]

Here is Jayelle! My very last 2015 graduate from Wynyard Composite! Jayelle is sweet, cute & freakin’ gorgeous! I had so much fun during our session on their family farm & I loved the way she rocked her dress! Congrats Jayelle, all the best in the new beginnings you have before you!

thanks to each and every graduate this season! I loved capturing each of you in this important time in your lives & CANNOT wait for next year! 🙂

cheers to grad 2015! xo

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Nick [Grad 2015]

I had to share my one last FLCS graduate..this is Nick! During our session, Nick was quiet, calm but totally ROCKED it. He was not only up for anything we had in mine, but did a great job of putting up with not only mine, but his mom’s jokes to get him crackin a smile 😉 I had so much fun with Nick & his family and loved the way our session turned out. I wish you nothing but happiness in your future Nick! All the best!

IMG_6116 IMG_6135 IMG_6154 IMG_6215 IMG_6451 IMG_6602 IMG_6673 IMG_6687 IMG_6722 IMG_6739 IMG_6771 IMG_6870 IMG_7022 IMG_7093 IMG_7196 IMG_7227ED IMG_7237 IMG_7252 IMG_7295 IMG_7310 IMG_7344 IMG_7355 IMG_7363

Kendra [Grad 2015]

Grad season has come and gone, celebrations have past, and now it is time to watch these graduates go onto the ‘real world’. I know it will happen again next year, but for me this grad season was exceptionally special.. I watched my baby sis graduate!

Kendra, you are smart, sweet, hilarious, sarcastic & absolutely stunning. Being a photographer has a lot of great perks, but being able to capture you and what you have grown up to be during your graduation is something special. I am so proud of you for all of your accomplishments and cannot wait to see what the future holds for you 🙂

Love you always xox

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IMG_8320 IMG_8379 IMG_8421 IMG_8488 IMG_8511 IMG_8526 IMG_8688 IMG_8831 IMG_8867 IMG_8886 (2) IMG_8913 IMG_8969

Nathan [Grad 2015]

This is Nathan! Another 2015 graduate from Foam Lake Composite School. Our session was all about Nathan, his truck and all the farm acres around him. Nathan loved the serious look, but thanks to Nancy & the jokes (I like to think were funny) we saw a few smiles from this graduate! Congrats Nathan, All the best in the future!

IMG_0100 IMG_0129 IMG_0181 IMG_0222 IMG_0462 IMG_0482 IMG_0541 IMG_0811 IMG_0856ed IMG_0909 IMG_0994 IMG_1056 IMG_1097 IMG_1176 IMG_1203 IMG_1299 IMG_1389 IMG_1432 IMG_1549 IMG_1589

Bailey [Grad 2015]

Meet Bailey! A 2015 graduate from Foam Lake Composite school. Bailey is fun, sweet & absolutely stunning! She totally rocked her dress during our session & all of grad day and night. Not only did she look gorgeous in her own dress, but had me get some shots of her in her mothers graduation dress as well, which I though was super adorable! I love capturing Bailey and all that she loves, from volleyball to her boyfriend Mark. Both Mark and Bailey are off to conquer their dreams in a few short months & I wish you nothing but the best! Congrats again Bailey!

IMG_2465 IMG_2498 IMG_2595 IMG_2622 IMG_2642 IMG_2658 IMG_2871 IMG_3009 IMG_3362 IMG_3414 IMG_3484 IMG_3509 IMG_3528 IMG_3654 IMG_3712 IMG_3931 IMG_3997 IMG_4038 IMG_4133 IMG_4492 IMG_4534 IMG_4611 IMG_4648 IMG_4679 IMG_4866 IMG_5000 IMG_5062 IMG_7390 IMG_7521