Turnbull Family

Meet the Turnbull family. This sweet family was a blast to work with and I definitely had to use some of my ‘tricks’ to capture these girls! {hehe}  Arihanna and Blakely are the cutest siblings ever, and really remind me of my sister and I when we were younger…full of cuddles and love one moment, and fighting the next! In the end, I had too much fun with these girls and we celebrated with a big pile of leaves and cupcakes… what a better way to end a fall family session! 🙂

check out this adorable little fam…

IMG_3734 IMG_3751 IMG_3767 IMG_3787 IMG_3815 IMG_3862 IMG_3947 IMG_4022 IMG_4059 IMG_4083 IMG_4095 IMG_4165 IMG_4208 IMG_4241 IMG_4387 IMG_4525 IMG_4532 IMG_4604 IMG_4711ED IMG_4881 IMG_4911 IMG_4955 IMG_4969 IMG_5032 IMG_5077 IMG_5115 IMG_5158 IMG_5308IMG_5308 IMG_5158 IMG_5115 IMG_5077 IMG_5032 IMG_4969 IMG_4955 IMG_4911 IMG_4881 IMG_4711ED IMG_4604 IMG_4532 IMG_4525 IMG_4387 IMG_4241 IMG_4208 IMG_4165 IMG_4095 IMG_4083 IMG_4059 IMG_4022 IMG_3947 IMG_3862 IMG_3815 IMG_3787 IMG_3767 IMG_3751 IMG_3734

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