Turnbull Family

Meet the Turnbull family. This sweet family was a blast to work with and I definitely had to use some of my ‘tricks’ to capture these girls! {hehe}  Arihanna and Blakely are the cutest siblings ever, and really remind me of my sister and I when we were younger…full of cuddles and love one moment, and fighting the next! In the end, I had too much fun with these girls and we celebrated with a big pile of leaves and cupcakes… what a better way to end a fall family session! 🙂

check out this adorable little fam…

IMG_3734 IMG_3751 IMG_3767 IMG_3787 IMG_3815 IMG_3862 IMG_3947 IMG_4022 IMG_4059 IMG_4083 IMG_4095 IMG_4165 IMG_4208 IMG_4241 IMG_4387 IMG_4525 IMG_4532 IMG_4604 IMG_4711ED IMG_4881 IMG_4911 IMG_4955 IMG_4969 IMG_5032 IMG_5077 IMG_5115 IMG_5158 IMG_5308IMG_5308 IMG_5158 IMG_5115 IMG_5077 IMG_5032 IMG_4969 IMG_4955 IMG_4911 IMG_4881 IMG_4711ED IMG_4604 IMG_4532 IMG_4525 IMG_4387 IMG_4241 IMG_4208 IMG_4165 IMG_4095 IMG_4083 IMG_4059 IMG_4022 IMG_3947 IMG_3862 IMG_3815 IMG_3787 IMG_3767 IMG_3751 IMG_3734

Pendlebury Family

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to work with this bunch! Not only was this family great to work with, but fabulous to capture! They were so natural, easygoing and brought some sweet bikes to show off too. It’s so nice to see a family together, thanks for having me capture it!

IMG_3050 IMG_2176 IMG_2196 IMG_2217 IMG_2227 IMG_2262 IMG_2276 IMG_2306 IMG_2324 IMG_2352 IMG_2379 IMG_2414 IMG_2464 IMG_2490 IMG_2504 IMG_2527 IMG_2547 IMG_2553 IMG_2555 IMG_2567 IMG_2577 IMG_2588 IMG_2610 IMG_2623 IMG_2632 IMG_2642 IMG_2665 IMG_2682 IMG_2715 IMG_2733 IMG_2762 IMG_2771 IMG_2823 IMG_2856 IMG_2870 IMG_2893 IMG_2943 IMG_2965 IMG_2986 IMG_3006 IMG_3035