Kelly & Ashley [I Do]

Here it is! The last wedding of the summer, and one of the most fun bridal parties I’ve had!
This bunch was fun, energetic, and open to everything and anything. We had a blast getting some crazy bridal party shots as well as capturing those cute little moments between the new bride & groom. Kelly and Ashley, you two make a perfect couple and it is so adorable seeing the love you both share for your little girl. You have a beautiful family and I wish you three all the best in this new chapter in your lives!

Thanks again for a fun-filled day & a great way to end the wedding season! Tara & I have never laughed so hard 🙂

IMG_3872 IMG_4185 IMG_4175 IMG_4140 IMG_4124 IMG_4107 IMG_4097 IMG_4071 IMG_4064 IMG_4029 IMG_4016 IMG_3990 IMG_3977 IMG_3931 IMG_3894IMG_4193IMG_4361IMG_4231IMG_4224IMG_4207IMG_4399IMG_4385IMG_4415IMG_4459IMG_4440IMG_4431IMG_4421IMG_4489IMG_4543IMG_4543IMG_4554IMG_4572IMG_4643EDIMG_4688IMG_4742IMG_4794IMG_4809IMG_4959IMG_5145IMG_5210IMG_5292IMG_5396IMG_5357IMG_5396IMG_5945IMG_5887IMG_5852IMG_5807IMG_5705IMG_5494IMG_5457IMG_6007IMG_6067IMG_6122IMG_6167IMG_6206IMG_6311IMG_6257IMG_6226IMG_6343IMG_6385IMG_6571IMG_6844IMG_6790IMG_6645IMG_6620IMG_6619IMG_6889IMG_6903IMG_7091IMG_7074IMG_7065IMG_7024IMG_7005IMG_7210IMG_7253IMG_7265IMG_7282IMG_7331IMG_7402IMG_7370

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