Bencharski Family

Meet the Bencharski family! This group of 7 was wonderful to work with as we shot their session right at the end of summer! Being a teacher bring a whole different level to photographing children. During this session, we played games! Redlight/greenlight, peek-a-boo, racing & a whole lot of jumping action shots were some of the activities that we did to get those little smiles and tons of giggles! We had so much fun & like any session with kids, I think that it should be fun! Thanks again for allowing me to capture your beautiful family- I had a blast with your children and I’m so happy you now have beautiful images to remember this day!

IMG_20327  IMG_2141 IMG_2197 IMG_2304 IMG_2334 IMG_2425 IMG_2483 IMG_2492 IMG_2583 IMG_2710 IMG_2814 IMG_2976 IMG_3006 IMG_3037 IMG_3118 IMG_3128 IMG_3238 IMG_3396 IMG_3435 IMG_3441 IMG_3647 IMG_3649 IMG_3752

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