Alex & Bailey

Alex & Bailey celebrated their big day back in August!

Together, the two of them make a perfect couple and there is no doubt that they are both head-over-heels for each other! Bailey and her girls spent the day doing what girls do & posing for some pretty hilarious shots of their own while Alex & the guys showed off their trucks. We had tons of fun with the bridal party, but when it came to just the newlyweds, our shots were filled with nothing but love. Alex & Bailey, I can tell you two are meant to be and I wish you nothing but happiness in the future! Thanks again for having me be a part of your special day!

IMG_9532 IMG_9503 IMG_9502 IMG_9497 IMG_9480 IMG_9474 IMG_9461 IMG_9419 IMG_9375 IMG_9370 IMG_9364 IMG_9285 IMG_9247 IMG_9224 IMG_9177 IMG_9149 IMG_9116 IMG_9079 IMG_9051 IMG_9025 IMG_8993 IMG_8907 IMG_8847 IMG_9535IMG_9575IMG_9668IMG_9681IMG_9751IMG_9813IMG_9833IMG_9974IMG_1469IMG_1454IMG_1432IMG_1398IMG_1377IMG_1363IMG_1330IMG_1314IMG_1298IMG_1289IMG_1258IMG_1211IMG_1187IMG_1160IMG_1120IMG_1081IMG_1035IMG_1020IMG_0821IMG_0723IMG_0690IMG_0630IMG_0622 (2)IMG_0579IMG_0500IMG_0456IMG_0446IMG_0347IMG_0181IMG_0006IMG_1615IMG_1571IMG_1574IMG_2005IMG_1962IMG_1953IMG_1881IMG_1864IMG_1773IMG_1770IMG_1675IMG_1574IMG_1571

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