Adamiak Family

I was able to spend part of my long weekend getting discs ready to be sent out & wrapping up sessions! Here is the Adamiak family from this past summer. This group was so fun to work with as we shot our session on their family farm. These images not only are shots of their individual families, but together as a whole family on the farm where they grew up. It was so nice to get everyone together & build their “life sized” family tree! Thanks again for the great time! 🙂

IMG_3503 IMG_3561 IMG_3571 IMG_3663 IMG_3730 IMG_3836 IMG_3865 IMG_3932 IMG_3969 IMG_4022 IMG_4169 IMG_4233 IMG_4283 IMG_4432 IMG_4528 IMG_4552 IMG_4688 IMG_5059 IMG_5102 IMG_5135 IMG_5238

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