Bencharski Family

Meet the Bencharski family! This group of 7 was wonderful to work with as we shot their session right at the end of summer! Being a teacher bring a whole different level to photographing children. During this session, we played games! Redlight/greenlight, peek-a-boo, racing & a whole lot of jumping action shots were some of the activities that we did to get those little smiles and tons of giggles! We had so much fun & like any session with kids, I think that it should be fun! Thanks again for allowing me to capture your beautiful family- I had a blast with your children and I’m so happy you now have beautiful images to remember this day!

IMG_20327  IMG_2141 IMG_2197 IMG_2304 IMG_2334 IMG_2425 IMG_2483 IMG_2492 IMG_2583 IMG_2710 IMG_2814 IMG_2976 IMG_3006 IMG_3037 IMG_3118 IMG_3128 IMG_3238 IMG_3396 IMG_3435 IMG_3441 IMG_3647 IMG_3649 IMG_3752

Alex & Bailey

Alex & Bailey celebrated their big day back in August!

Together, the two of them make a perfect couple and there is no doubt that they are both head-over-heels for each other! Bailey and her girls spent the day doing what girls do & posing for some pretty hilarious shots of their own while Alex & the guys showed off their trucks. We had tons of fun with the bridal party, but when it came to just the newlyweds, our shots were filled with nothing but love. Alex & Bailey, I can tell you two are meant to be and I wish you nothing but happiness in the future! Thanks again for having me be a part of your special day!

IMG_9532 IMG_9503 IMG_9502 IMG_9497 IMG_9480 IMG_9474 IMG_9461 IMG_9419 IMG_9375 IMG_9370 IMG_9364 IMG_9285 IMG_9247 IMG_9224 IMG_9177 IMG_9149 IMG_9116 IMG_9079 IMG_9051 IMG_9025 IMG_8993 IMG_8907 IMG_8847 IMG_9535IMG_9575IMG_9668IMG_9681IMG_9751IMG_9813IMG_9833IMG_9974IMG_1469IMG_1454IMG_1432IMG_1398IMG_1377IMG_1363IMG_1330IMG_1314IMG_1298IMG_1289IMG_1258IMG_1211IMG_1187IMG_1160IMG_1120IMG_1081IMG_1035IMG_1020IMG_0821IMG_0723IMG_0690IMG_0630IMG_0622 (2)IMG_0579IMG_0500IMG_0456IMG_0446IMG_0347IMG_0181IMG_0006IMG_1615IMG_1571IMG_1574IMG_2005IMG_1962IMG_1953IMG_1881IMG_1864IMG_1773IMG_1770IMG_1675IMG_1574IMG_1571

Adamiak Family

I was able to spend part of my long weekend getting discs ready to be sent out & wrapping up sessions! Here is the Adamiak family from this past summer. This group was so fun to work with as we shot our session on their family farm. These images not only are shots of their individual families, but together as a whole family on the farm where they grew up. It was so nice to get everyone together & build their “life sized” family tree! Thanks again for the great time! 🙂

IMG_3503 IMG_3561 IMG_3571 IMG_3663 IMG_3730 IMG_3836 IMG_3865 IMG_3932 IMG_3969 IMG_4022 IMG_4169 IMG_4233 IMG_4283 IMG_4432 IMG_4528 IMG_4552 IMG_4688 IMG_5059 IMG_5102 IMG_5135 IMG_5238

Ryan & Kristi [Engagement]

This summer I had the opportunity to photograph these love birds as they prepare for their wedding next summer! Our session turned out PERFECTLY as they took ME to the most gorgeous location out at Fishing Lake! I had so much fun with Kristi & Ryan and I cannot wait to capture their wedding next summer!

IMG_5605 IMG_5634 IMG_5654 IMG_5708 IMG_5717 IMG_5764 IMG_5788 IMG_5827 IMG_5859 IMG_5996 IMG_6026 IMG_6166 IMG_6187 IMG_6325 IMG_6442 IMG_6520 IMG_6575 IMG_6718 IMG_6764