Tyson & Kacie Loshka

 Way back on the 27th of June, I captured Kacie marry her best friend.

Tyson & Kacie had been together for years, but this was the day that Kacie dreamed of (and everyone else waaaiited for patiently!) and it could not have turned out more perfect. Kacie and her girls had every detail perfected, while Tyson and his guys always had us laughing… and when I say laughing, I mean we had SO much FUN! Everything from the fun shots we captured at the bar to the boys hiding in the bush while Kacie posed, the day was filled with laughs & tons of love!

Kacie & Tyson I wish you nothing but the best in the future & SO wish we could relive your wedding day again! Thanks for having Tara & I a part of it.

IMG_4894 IMG_5010 IMG_4980 IMG_4920 IMG_4913 IMG_4901IMG_5093IMG_5070IMG_5050IMG_5037IMG_5193IMG_5181IMG_5166IMG_5158IMG_5144IMG_5123IMG_5106IMG_5102IMG_5273IMG_5296IMG_5338IMG_5352AIMG_5352LIMG_5384IMG_5402AIMG_5404IMG_5437IMG_5503IMG_5463IMG_5462AIMG_5461IMG_5456IMG_5440IMG_5563IMG_5606IMG_5588IMG_5570IMG_6051IMG_6077IMG_6065IMG_6093IMG_6103IMG_6304IMG_6285IMG_6246IMG_6173IMG_6150IMG_6115IMG_6405IMG_7522IMG_7506IMG_7492IMG_7463IMG_7271IMG_7263IMG_7235IMG_7195IMG_7162IMG_7157IMG_7143IMG_7066IMG_6893IMG_6885IMG_6852IMG_6812IMG_6800IMG_6783IMG_6766IMG_6666IMG_6623IMG_6611IMG_6578IMG_6551IMG_6509IMG_6498IMG_6471IMG_6443EDIMG_7776IMG_7771IMG_7768EDIMG_7733IMG_7674IMG_7642IMG_7613IMG_7592IMG_7573IMG_7552IMG_7551

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