Evan & Brittany

This is Brittany & Evan, the cutest country couple I think I’ve ever met! These two love birds tied the knot back in June on the most perfect day they could have asked for. The sun was out, there was a breeze, and it even rained a bit just for good luck 😉

I LOVED spending time with this couple & their super awesome bridal party. Not only did I get to capture the incredible love that Brittany & Evan have for each other, but I was able to capture moments between friends that have been together forever! Brittany & Evan, your country wedding was beyond adorable {and totally my style 😉 } and I wish you nothing but happiness in this new chapter of your lives!

Thanks for having me be a part of it 🙂

IMG_0006 IMG_1840 IMG_1811 IMG_1749 IMG_1668 IMG_1595 IMG_1464 IMG_1425 IMG_1396 IMG_1201 IMG_1146 IMG_1109 IMG_0880 (2) IMG_0790 IMG_0728 IMG_0681 IMG_0667 IMG_0614 IMG_0581 IMG_0569 IMG_0562 IMG_0514 IMG_0507 IMG_0485 IMG_0457 IMG_0413 IMG_0386 IMG_0360 IMG_0293 IMG_0227 IMG_0178 IMG_0117 IMG_0106 IMG_0096 IMG_0083 IMG_0063 IMG_0049 IMG_0036 IMG_0017

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