Nick [Grad 2015]

I had to share my one last FLCS graduate..this is Nick! During our session, Nick was quiet, calm but totally ROCKED it. He was not only up for anything we had in mine, but did a great job of putting up with not only mine, but his mom’s jokes to get him crackin a smile 😉 I had so much fun with Nick & his family and loved the way our session turned out. I wish you nothing but happiness in your future Nick! All the best!

IMG_6116 IMG_6135 IMG_6154 IMG_6215 IMG_6451 IMG_6602 IMG_6673 IMG_6687 IMG_6722 IMG_6739 IMG_6771 IMG_6870 IMG_7022 IMG_7093 IMG_7196 IMG_7227ED IMG_7237 IMG_7252 IMG_7295 IMG_7310 IMG_7344 IMG_7355 IMG_7363

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