Jayelle [Grad 2015]

Here is Jayelle! My very last 2015 graduate from Wynyard Composite! Jayelle is sweet, cute & freakin’ gorgeous! I had so much fun during our session on their family farm & I loved the way she rocked her dress! Congrats Jayelle, all the best in the new beginnings you have before you!

thanks to each and every graduate this season! I loved capturing each of you in this important time in your lives & CANNOT wait for next year! 🙂

cheers to grad 2015! xo

IMG_8302 IMG_8317 IMG_8330 IMG_8351 IMG_8419 IMG_8427 IMG_8495 IMG_8519 IMG_8534 IMG_8576 IMG_8644 IMG_8672 IMG_8906 IMG_9003 IMG_9011 IMG_9036 IMG_9182 IMG_9495 IMG_9665 IMG_9847 IMG_9860

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