Kendra [Grad 2015]

Grad season has come and gone, celebrations have past, and now it is time to watch these graduates go onto the ‘real world’. I know it will happen again next year, but for me this grad season was exceptionally special.. I watched my baby sis graduate!

Kendra, you are smart, sweet, hilarious, sarcastic & absolutely stunning. Being a photographer has a lot of great perks, but being able to capture you and what you have grown up to be during your graduation is something special. I am so proud of you for all of your accomplishments and cannot wait to see what the future holds for you 🙂

Love you always xox

IMG_7079 - Copy IMG_7127 - Copy IMG_7141 - Copy IMG_7217 - Copy IMG_7302 - Copy IMG_7430ed - Copy IMG_7521 - Copy IMG_7575 - Copy IMG_7604 - Copy IMG_7640 - Copy IMG_7665 (2) IMG_7692 IMG_7784 IMG_7825 (2) IMG_7883 IMG_7897 IMG_7955 IMG_7980 IMG_8058 IMG_8102 IMG_8283

IMG_8320 IMG_8379 IMG_8421 IMG_8488 IMG_8511 IMG_8526 IMG_8688 IMG_8831 IMG_8867 IMG_8886 (2) IMG_8913 IMG_8969

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