Evan & Brittany

This is Brittany & Evan, the cutest country couple I think I’ve ever met! These two love birds tied the knot back in June on the most perfect day they could have asked for. The sun was out, there was a breeze, and it even rained a bit just for good luck 😉

I LOVED spending time with this couple & their super awesome bridal party. Not only did I get to capture the incredible love that Brittany & Evan have for each other, but I was able to capture moments between friends that have been together forever! Brittany & Evan, your country wedding was beyond adorable {and totally my style 😉 } and I wish you nothing but happiness in this new chapter of your lives!

Thanks for having me be a part of it 🙂

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Jayelle [Grad 2015]

Here is Jayelle! My very last 2015 graduate from Wynyard Composite! Jayelle is sweet, cute & freakin’ gorgeous! I had so much fun during our session on their family farm & I loved the way she rocked her dress! Congrats Jayelle, all the best in the new beginnings you have before you!

thanks to each and every graduate this season! I loved capturing each of you in this important time in your lives & CANNOT wait for next year! 🙂

cheers to grad 2015! xo

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Nick [Grad 2015]

I had to share my one last FLCS graduate..this is Nick! During our session, Nick was quiet, calm but totally ROCKED it. He was not only up for anything we had in mine, but did a great job of putting up with not only mine, but his mom’s jokes to get him crackin a smile 😉 I had so much fun with Nick & his family and loved the way our session turned out. I wish you nothing but happiness in your future Nick! All the best!

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Kendra [Grad 2015]

Grad season has come and gone, celebrations have past, and now it is time to watch these graduates go onto the ‘real world’. I know it will happen again next year, but for me this grad season was exceptionally special.. I watched my baby sis graduate!

Kendra, you are smart, sweet, hilarious, sarcastic & absolutely stunning. Being a photographer has a lot of great perks, but being able to capture you and what you have grown up to be during your graduation is something special. I am so proud of you for all of your accomplishments and cannot wait to see what the future holds for you 🙂

Love you always xox

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