Nathan [Grad 2015]

This is Nathan! Another 2015 graduate from Foam Lake Composite School. Our session was all about Nathan, his truck and all the farm acres around him. Nathan loved the serious look, but thanks to Nancy & the jokes (I like to think were funny) we saw a few smiles from this graduate! Congrats Nathan, All the best in the future!

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Bailey [Grad 2015]

Meet Bailey! A 2015 graduate from Foam Lake Composite school. Bailey is fun, sweet & absolutely stunning! She totally rocked her dress during our session & all of grad day and night. Not only did she look gorgeous in her own dress, but had me get some shots of her in her mothers graduation dress as well, which I though was super adorable! I love capturing Bailey and all that she loves, from volleyball to her boyfriend Mark. Both Mark and Bailey are off to conquer their dreams in a few short months & I wish you nothing but the best! Congrats again Bailey!

IMG_2465 IMG_2498 IMG_2595 IMG_2622 IMG_2642 IMG_2658 IMG_2871 IMG_3009 IMG_3362 IMG_3414 IMG_3484 IMG_3509 IMG_3528 IMG_3654 IMG_3712 IMG_3931 IMG_3997 IMG_4038 IMG_4133 IMG_4492 IMG_4534 IMG_4611 IMG_4648 IMG_4679 IMG_4866 IMG_5000 IMG_5062 IMG_7390 IMG_7521