Dallas & Miranda

When I was asked to photograph Dallas & Miranda’s big day I knew that I would be in for a fun filled day! This is now the fourth time I have photographed these two, therefore I knew what I was in for! 😉 While Miranda is quiet, cute and loving, Dallas is goofy, fun and hilarious…and they make the most adorable couple! We had so much fun spending the day with the newlyweds and their bridal party and I am so happy I was apart of my two friends’ special day. All together, it was a perfect day! Thanks again to Ciera for doing an awesome job assisting me! Congrats again you two! 🙂


IMG_4390 IMG_4530 IMG_2427 IMG_0715 IMG_0633 IMG_0628 IMG_0582 IMG_0572 IMG_0535 IMG_0532 IMG_0482 IMG_0477IMG_1008IMG_0995IMG_0949IMG_0912IMG_0856IMG_0832IMG_0813

IMG_1599 IMG_1581 IMG_0829 IMG_2709 IMG_2404 IMG_1613 IMG_1581 IMG_2556 IMG_2520 IMG_2467 IMG_2404 IMG_2106 IMG_2393 IMG_2342 IMG_2301 IMG_2059 IMG_2019 IMG_1943 IMG_1914 IMG_1880 IMG_1827 IMG_1768 IMG_1723 IMG_1462 IMG_1613 IMG_1678 IMG_0672

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One thought on “Dallas & Miranda

  1. Wonderful job Kayla. You have a big job keeping Dallas on track, Miranda is beautiful. Dallas and Miranda and party look exceptional. Love to see more. Thank you for the glimpse.
    Velma and Dennis Koolen.

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