Lazurko Family

Meet the Lazurko Family! This bunch is the craziest, funniest & most loving family around. There is never anyone found without a smile in times when they are making fun of Nora, goofing around, or when dad and his girls have their camo on 😉 We had so much fun during our session a few weeks ago & I am so glad I was able to spend time with this awesome fam!

IMG_9551IMG_9506 IMG_9488 IMG_9443 IMG_9421

IMG_9398 IMG_9393 IMG_9387 IMG_9345 IMG_9269

IMG_9225 IMG_9200 IMG_9177 IMG_9146 IMG_9087

IMG_9067 IMG_9062 IMG_9039 IMG_8987 IMG_8901

IMG_8885 IMG_8844 IMG_8842 IMG_8813 IMG_8626

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