Paige [Grad 2014]


Paige was so fun to shoot! Even through the rain, this pretty lady still had a big smile on her face as we hid in our sheltered location. Congrats Paige! 🙂 All the best in the future!IMG_1656 IMG_1674 IMG_1679 IMG_1732 IMG_1763 IMG_1773 IMG_1814 IMG_1856 IMG_1884 IMG_1896 IMG_1922 IMG_1961 IMG_2015 IMG_2020 IMG_2047 IMG_2080 IMG_2093 IMG_2144 IMG_2163 IMG_2164 IMG_2178 IMG_2183 IMG_2199 IMG_2205 IMG_2266 IMG_2287 IMG_2332 IMG_2417 IMG_2441 IMG_2461 IMG_2479 IMG_2486 IMG_2528 IMG_2542 IMG_2552 IMG_2570 IMG_2609 IMG_2663ED IMG_2676 IMG_4070 IMG_4113 IMG_4122 IMG_4149

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