Russel [Grad 2014]

This session was so much fun! Russel had fun showing off his fancy suit while Brea made faces 🙂 Congrats Russel, all the best in the future 🙂

IMG_7727 IMG_7756

IMG_7827 IMG_7845



IMG_7877 this!


IMG_7984 IMG_8002

IMG_8056                       IMG_8078

IMG_8084  IMG_8106

IMG_8089                       IMG_8121


IMG_8149                         IMG_8165            IMG_8201 IMG_8230                            IMG_8208                            IMG_8240                            IMG_8260


IMG_8357                             IMG_8414                             IMG_8445                             IMG_8472                  IMG_8515 IMG_8537                                  IMG_8548                                                   IMG_8554

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